100 Easy or Cheap Date Ideas

If you’re married, maintaining or creating a strong marriage is one of the best ways to stay on top of your home. Then, it’s the both of you against the world (or, in this case, house!). With more love and less tension, coordinating household tasks becomes much easier as both people work together (and with the kids) to create a tidy home.

We’ve do a lot of “at home” dates – which are still fun – but sometimes it’s nice to get out and actually put on jeans and feel like a regular human (if you know what I mean). I have found that I really need a break from my stretchy pants and home in order to find more joy in stay at home mom life.

To make it easier, get organized and plan ahead to help it truly be a stress-free experience. My husband and I have even set up “subscription” babysitting by arranging a set time each month (or a couple of times each month) for a sitter to come. That way, all we have to do is figure out what we’re going to do! (Which is much easier with this list in mind!)

100 Date Ideas

1.        Do a service project together (see JustServe.org!)
2.        Dance Classes (watch couple dance instruction videos on Youtube!!!)
3.        Attend a local (or virtual) cooking class together
4. Take a hike!
5. Have a fancy, romantic candle-lit dinner at home (with take-out!)
6. Do a dinner hop (get an appetizer at one restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert at the third!)
7.        Art museum (visit the Louvre online! Say what?!)     
8.        Scavenger hunt (A-Z) anywhere
9.       Roast marshmallows at home or in nature
10.     Go on a scenic drive
11.     Have a picnic at the park
12.     Play frisbee or frisbee golf
13.     Movie night at home or a local theater (watch for discounts!)
14.     Dance party at home
15.     Movie night with treats and popcorn at home
16.     Game night (after kids are asleep)
17.     Go on a one-night getaway, even in town
18.     Revisit somewhere special
19.     Buy gifts for each other at the store within a given price limit
20.     Bowling
21.     Ice or Roller Skating
22.     Laser tag
23.     Take turn teaching each other your hobbies
24.     Do a home improvement job together
25.     Snowball fight or make a snowman
26.     Local concerts of all sorts (one of our favorites!)
27.     Jam session – karaoke or play music together
28.     Barnes & Noble or library night
29.     Visit a thrift store
30.     Bob Ross painting night (or try to paint your own!)
31.     Community events (watch for freebies!)
32.     Attend a local art, food, or music festival
33.     Attend a play
34.     Concert/recital night at local university (some are free)
35.     Attend a local rose or specialty garden
36.     Take treats/cards to rest home and visit people
37.     Tennis
38.     Make homemade ice cream
39.     Go sledding
40.     Write and illustrate a book together          
41.     Visit your local rec center
42.     Swimming
43.     Racquetball
44.     Play basketball (or H-O-R-S-E) at a park
45.     Visit neighbors-treats
46.     Plant a garden or plants
47.     Go caroling with treats (at Christmastime only, please)
49.     Go ice blocking
50.     Go to a corn maze
51.     Carve or paint pumpkins
52.     Build something together
53.     Make/print/organize a photo album
54.     Watch or attend a sports game – dress up and scream to support your team!
55.     Take photos together
56.     Clay sculpture night
57.     Poetry night – read poetry together or write your own
58.     Comedy night – watch a comedy show, or laugh at goofy memes together (my favorite is searching “pug Halloween costumes” – gets me every time!)
59.     Decorate for upcoming holidays
60.     Play a video game
61.     Go rock climbing
62.     Pinterest project-find one that’s fun and do it together
63.     Temple square/Church history museum
64.     Write a song together
65.     BYU Service Dates
66.     Cut out snowflakes
67.     Q & A night-Come with a list of fun questions to ask each other
68.     Free outdoor concerts
69.     Stargaze
70.     Fly kites
71.     Visit the acquarium
72.     Have an at-home spa night  
73.     Visit a farm
74.     Lay down and watch the clouds
75.     Rake and jump into piles of leaves
76.     Jump in puddles (why not?!)
77.     Make a goofy movie together
78.     Skip rocks
79.     Feed ducks
80.     Have a water balloon fight
81.     Play bigger & better
82.     Collect canned goods to donate to Food Shelter
83.     Catch the sunrise or sunset
84.     Go mini or regular golfing
85.     Day road trip with snacks, map, fun destination 🙂
86.     Dance in car headlights in an empty parking lot at night… to music, of course
87.     Attend a G-rated comedy club
88.     Go river rafting
89.     Grab ice cream or frozen yogurt
90.     Go on a long walk along the beach (so romantic!)
91.     Get dressed up for a night on the town
92.     Attend a carnival
93.     Have a Family History night
94.     Relive your first date
95.    Learn a new skill together (e.g. car skills)
96.     Go on a bike ride (look for local nature trails!)
97.     Play on a playground and have fun!
98.     Go to the zoo
99.     Visit an amusement park
100.  Go for a test drive of a sweet car

That wasn’t so hard, now was it? What are your favorite cheap or easy date ideas?

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