2 Must-Have Organizing Products for Your Medicine Cupboard

Melanie at PlanforAwesome.com is visiting today to share her Medicine Cabinet overhaul with us. When people are hurt or sick, the last thing you want to do is waste time hunting for the perfect remedy! Hunt no more and get it together so you can take care of yo’self (and your family members!).

I had lived long enough with a disastrous medicine cupboard.  It was time.  We have lived here almost 2 years, and no matter how often I organized and re-organized this cupboard, it ended up looking like this after a couple of weeks.

2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - stop trying to organize this cupboard without these 2 things - I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids
2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - stop trying to organize your medicine cupboard without these 2 things - I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids


It was time to invest a little bit of money in a few things that would help the situation PERMANENTLY.  I kept trying to use what I had…old tupperwares, an old random bread pan, etc.  But sometimes, you just need to splurge and spend $20 for a more permanent solution.  I ordered my stuff and then went to work.

STEP 1: Purchase Your Things

Look at what you have and determine what organizational things you are going to want.  You need to have the organizing tools ready to use before you get started.

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Tiered Storage!

3-Tiered Storage  – These are pretty amazing for medicine.  No more reaching behind bottles and guessing which bottle you’re going to grab next.  With these bad boys, you can see it all.  They even have corner ones if you prefer those.  (Mine is on the bottom shelf against the left side in the “AFTER” picture below).

I have two PULL DOWN TIERED SPICE RACKS by the same company these other products are made by.  They are available from The Container Store, but Amazon is really fickle about when they have them and when they don’t.  They are really slick and helpful, especially if you are short like me.  They are also a little bigger than the other 3-tiered spice rack linked above.

Lazy Susans WITH Sides!

I have a couple lazy susans in my pantry for my spices, but I have never had lazy susans WITH SIDES.  These are so cool!  I love them!

2-Pack of the Smaller Lazy Susans  – These are awesome.  Kind of like the tiered storage, these allow you to see the things in the back too.  These don’t have dividers, so you can put things of any size in here.  They are smaller than the divided one below though.

Large Divided Lazy Susan  – I like this because it’s big, and it barely fits the depth of my cupboard, so I feel like I am maxing out the space well.  However, I will say, the dividers are kind of annoying because they limit what you can put in.  If you have a large bottle, there’s not much else you can put with it, because it runs into the divider.  So keep that in mind…

Little Clear Sectioned Organizer Things – I bought this so I would have it during the organizing process.  I did end up finding a use for it…I put the forehead thermometer in one section, the medicine cups in a couple other sections, and some medicine syringes in another couple sections (yes, it took me 4 times to spell that word before spellcheck even knew what I was trying to say).  If I had to do it over again, I probably wouldn’t purchase this one.  At least for this purpose…I think it would be great in the bathroom!


2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - Brilliant!  I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids

And I mean everything.

Be sure to check expiration dates as you go.  Add any meds you throw away in this process to your store lists so you aren’t left without them when someone wakes up sick this winter!

Organize things into groups as you take things out. 

I had a kid area, an adult area, a random area (like mosquito repellant, burn spray, etc), and then a house stuff area (for whatever reason, this cupboard is our junk drawer overflow.  I don’t like it.  And someday I’ll change it.  But for now, I just need to make everything fit and have some order.  So like it or not, I had a house pile with spackle, flashlight, tape measure, etc).

2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - These are so brilliant!  I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids
2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - I just ordered mine, and these have made all the difference in keeping this cupboard neat and organized for me. PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids

I am a hoarder.  I know.  So I had a few medicine cups.

2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - How have I lived without these all my life?!  I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids

I stacked them according to mL, tsp, and then I had a pile for the ones that had BOTH measurements.  Although it pained me, I THREW AWAY the ones that only had one type of measurement, and kept all the ones that had mL AND tsp.

2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - Where have these been all my life?!  I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids

STEP 3: Put your organizing things in your cupboards and then start filling them up!

I put my pull down spice racks on the higher shelf, since they pull down and allow for easier access.  By the time those were in, there wasn’t much room inbetween, so I put an old tupperware container full of random house junk in that space.

I stuck the 3-tiered spice rack in the bottom left corner.  That’s where I put all the kid medicine.  Then I put some new boxes of backups of a few medicines behind the mini sectioned organizer, which has the medicine cups, syringes, and thermometer in it.  After putting the large sectioned lazy susan on the other side, I found a little container that fit perfectly in between the lazy susan and the small organizer.  I filled those up with the more used things, and then put the more random stuff in the upper left pull down tiered spice rack.

2 Must-Have Organization Products For Your Medicine Cupboard - I can't wait to use these to organize my medicine cupboard - I just ordered mine!  PlanForAwesome.com  #organizationtips #sickkids

Of course, yours will look different from mine, but don’t delay.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to go get medicine for someone now.  It’s a much more pleasant and non-anxiety-causing experience.  Definitely worth the money in organizing items and the 2 hours it took me to completely overhaul this cupboard.

Thanks again to Melanie for sharing her medicine cabinet magic with us! In my own house, I love using labeled Sterilite drawers for different types of medicines (cold & flu, first aid, pain, etc.). It’s always a great feeling to go through and purge unneeded items and consolidate medicines so you can make the most of your space. Past that, collecting various ideas can help you determine what will work best for you in your home, How have you found ways to organize your medicine cupboard?

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