6 Things Every Entryway Needs

The entryway is like a WINDOW TO YOUR SOUL! So, what exactly are you telling people when they step into (or even peak into) your entryway? Are you saying, “I’m a hot mess?” or, are you selling the Kool-aid that says, “I’ve got it alllll under control”?

Before you even get started, really consider how you need your entryway to work for you? Do you need it to be a workhorse that holds your entire family’s coats? Or, do you need it to just be there to welcome your guests? By keeping these things in mind, you can determine what level of storage you need. If there is anything in your entryway that is NOT serving your needed functions, get it out of there, sister! You and your loved ones deserve a beautiful, tidy place to land when they step into your door!

There are some very simple things you can do to rock your entryway, regardless of its size. I’ve included a couple of affiliate links here which are things I have actually purchased and love. Commissions earned.

A Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, they’re the fairest of them all! While not all entryways have a place for a mirror, for some entryway, a mirror can be a game-changer! Mirrors are great at reflecting light and amplifying your space. They also serve as a great checkpoint before you head out or answer the unexpected doorbell (if you know what I mean…).

If you have a small wall that you’re working with, opt for a mirror that is about two-thirds the size of the wall. If you have a long wall, invest in an entryway table and a mirror two-thirds of its width in order for it to look juuuust right. Oh, and hang it at your eye level, will ya?

A Coat Hanger

Of course! None of this throwing coats on the ground business. You are a refined individual! Whether for yourself, your guests, or your kids, provide a proper place to hang bags and coats. If you have extra space, try a freestanding coat rack. If you’re limited on space, or just want something low profile, go for a decorative wall-mounted coat hanger (my personal fav). We have these ones in our garage “mudroom” and they’re so affordable that I actually have… wait for it… 4 of them! (What can I say, with 6 people, we have a lot of coats!)

Consider who will be hanging their coats, and provide hooks at their level (if you expect your kids to use the hooks, they need to be able to reach them!). Above all, make it easily visible right as people enter the front door. You’ll be far more successful at eliminating the coat heap if you make it obvious where coats belong.

A Place for Shoes

Is anyone else living in a “No Shoe House”? We try our best because it really keeps the need to vacuum down. Regardless of whether you wear shoes in your house or not, you should provide guests a place to set their shoes.

For the front door, I recommend a pretty basket. If it’s a garage entryway or mudroom, go for a shoe rack, shoe shelves, or (my favorite!) shoe cubbies. The bench below is what we have in our garage, as well as an upright version of the same cubbies. It’s a game-changer, I’m telling you! Again, make it painfully obvious! If it is obvious, you will have more success in containing the mess.

Two-for-one with a place for shoes and a place to sit! Click on the photo to see it on Amazon.

A Place to Sit

If you have space, consider investing in a place to sit. Your boot-wearing guests will be so pleased to avoid the uncomfortable boot-slipping-on-while-standing-jig and it may be just the thing you need to warm up your entryway.

If you have an entryway table that is large enough, try getting a stool to slide beneath it. You may also try for a bench or an extra dining chair. Or, opt for that one chair that makes you drool, since it is the first impression of your house. It will likely get less use than other areas of your home, so you don’t need to worry as much about it getting ruined!

A Rug

Yes, yes, this is probably one of the most essential of all of the items. Why? Because this is where allllll of that dirt and moisture from the outside world will go. Keep that mess in its place by having a high-quality doormat outside of your door, and a durable, easy-to-wash, rubber-backed rug on the inside.

Don’t go for a rug that is too bright or too dark in color because BOTH will show eeeeverything. (Trust me. Been there done that.) Instead, stick for a middle-ground color that can be easily paired with any holiday decor you may want to put up as the year goes on.

Entryway Table

This is not so much of an essential for some, but for others, it can be a game-changer! Like I mentioned above, if you have an entryway that has a long wall, get a table or something else that you can define your entry space with. You may decide that the potential clutter that will inevitably gather on such a table isn’t worth it to you, and that’s great as well.

Once you’ve made a little update with your entryway, post a picture on social media and tag #HappyHomeHum so we can celebrate your progress!

Happy organizing!

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