Family Nativity Program (Free Printable)

I’m taking a step away from home talk today to focus on Christmas (balance, right?). And, though pre-holiday decluttering is well-underway at our home, I thought I would take some time to share one of my favorite Christmas traditions with you (since, after all, that’s what homes are really for, am I right?).

Ever since I was a teensy little kiddo, my family has been doing an annual children’s nativity program. When my mom (who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a teen) became a mother, she wanted to have a meaningful Christ-centered Christmas tradition for her children. Thus, this Nativity program was born. The one that she made was a bit longer than my abridged version, but the heart of it is a meaningful celebration with loved ones and the word of God.

This program includes verses from the Christmas story in the bible and lyrics to traditional Christmas songs as well as one from my church’s Children’s Songbook. You can use what I have, or swap some things and make it your own! We typically print several of these copies and assign the adults as “Reader 1, 2, etc.” We choose one person to lead the songs, and, if we’re lucky, one person to play them on the piano or other instrument. You can also access a free song library with recordings for each of these songs here and here. One person is the “director” and helps kids get “on stage” (in front of the room) when their role is mentioned.

As a kid, it is so fun to bring the nativity to life by dressing up! It brings things on their level and helps them connect personally with the Nativity story. Typical children’s parts include Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus (can be played by a baby or baby doll), angels, wise men, shepherds, animals. We assign the parts in advance so people have time to scrounge up costumes for their kiddos. Overtime, we have collected costumes that can be used by the kiddos – and then, past that, we might just use a fuzzy blanket for a sheep or a tablecloth to make a shepherd robe. Get creative!

If you’d like a free printable of this two-page program, click here. Consider it my Christmas gift to you! You can print or email copies to your nativity program attendees. And, would you do me a favor and send me a photo of your sweet little nativity? Or, tag me on social media @HappyHomeHum and I will share your photo on my stories!

I am so thankful for these meaningful traditions that help me feel the love of Christ at Christmastime. What meaningful traditions does your family have?

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