Finding Joy through Homemaking Overwhelm

I went online to do some “research” for my up and coming blog and social network presence and came away realizing the massive mountain that I would have to climb to contend with anything I saw on Instagram or Pinterest. I contemplate my own feelings of inadequacy after skimming through the perfect posts of others, and I question whether it would be a favor to others to post my own version of those perfect posts.

I know I am not alone in this feeling, and the research on social media stands to prove my point. In a study by Brigham Young University, they found that those who spend more time simply viewing posts on social media show higher rates of anxiety depression. The encouraging bit, however, is that those who were active users or creators on social media, those who spent more of their time posting or coordinating with others, had positive outcomes.

In creating this blog, I am aiming for positive outcomes for YOU! I hope to open a door from your heart to mine where we can struggle and overcome together. Homemaking and motherhood are not for the faint of heart. Trying to improve ourselves as homemakers can seem insurmountable and we may feel alone in this endeavor. While many of us enjoy tremendous prosperity, this prosperity has left some of us wanting for the relationships that many less-prosperous societies enjoy. This is a trial, yet, in some small way, this trial can be overcome by connecting with others through technology (what a miracle!).

My hope is to inspire and encourage you as a homemaker, woman, and mother – or wherever you fall amongst those titles! I want you to know that you are not alone in your overwhelm – I get it. You are not alone in feeling like your home and family are not where you’d like them to be! I have been there (and still am there in many ways!) too.

I’ve talked with friends of mine, who are each talented in their own magnificent ways, who have bemoaned their ability to “keep house.” They apologize when someone comes over to see their reality and feel unsettled when they step into a home that is actually clean (and somehow forget that that home was probably in an uproar for 20 minutes prior in order to get it to that place!). So, let’s all stop apologizing for having a messy house or a clean house, shall we? No one cares as much as you do, I promise.

If you are a living being, and especially if you share your home with others, SOME MESS IS INEVITABLE (even for the most organized of us). In fact, some of the most joyous things bring messes (think baking or crafts for some, building forts for others…). Don’t ever let your pursuit for self or home improvement get in the way of your joy. If it does, you’ve forgotten the purpose, which is ultimately to allow you to enjoy more time with your loved ones.

While organizing your home may seem overwhelming, little by little, I am confident that you can create your own happy “house of order” where you and your family can make your most important memories. In order for this blog to have the best outcomes for you, go through the posts intentionally, then share your own progress on social media by tagging #HappyHomeHum so that I can cheer you on! Pinterest-perfect or not, your progress is beautiful and is definitely worth posting and celebrating.

You can do this! And, believe me, it will feel so good!

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