I’m so excited to share the Home Project Planner with you! Rather than trying to improve all of the things in your house all at once, you now can easily break it down month by month. Breaking it down buffers the cost of time and money of improving your home. Now, let’s get started!


Access your Home Project Planner

It's all yours, my friend, all- yours!

Home Project Planner

Full Version

This full planner has room-specific pages for every space in your home. Don’t let the length scare you, it’s broken down month by month and week by week.

Home Project Planner

Short Version

This version works well for those who want to print and laminate just a few pages that can be reused for different spaces each month.  Save paper while still getting the full system.

Home Rotation Calendar

Digital Calendar

Worried about forgetting tasks? Import the calendar file into your digital calendar (e.g. google calendar) to help you stay on task each month and week.  (Tutorial below)

Hum Making Playlist

Bonus Goodie!

Doing all of the things for your home is a lot of work, which is why I created a playlist just for you! It includes inspiring music for you and your family to enjoy (happy hum!).

How to Use Your Planner

Note: The “Home Project Planner” was formally the “Hum Making System.” 

How to Import the Calendar

Note: The “Home Project Planner” was formally the “Hum Making System.” 

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