Ready to improve your home?

The printable Home Project Planner can help you make real progress on your home goals.


Clean & Declutter



It's time to break down all of the projects & get them done!

Note: The “Home Project Planner” was formerly called the “Hum Making System”

Get the home
stuff done.

Digital Printable Planner

Tips for Every Room

Calendar to Stay Focused

Break down home projects and get them done.

The Home Project Planner helps you stop spinning your wheels 

and make a plan for creating the home you want.

Printable Planner for Home Projects

Flexible Rotation to Break Tasks Down

Tips and Tricks for Organizing & Decorating Your Space

Digital Calendar to Stay on Task

Use Your Home Project Planner in 3 Steps:

1) Print

Print your Home Project Planner and keep it in a noticeable place.

2) Plan

Write down your project ideas establish a plan to  complete them.

3) Do


Improve and refresh your home by completing specific tasks in each space. 

Ok, So What Do I Get?

Printables for Each Room

The Home Project Planner helps you repair, clean, declutter, organize, and beautify your home – 

all in due time!

Digital Calendar Download

The digital calendar can be imported into
your calendar. It reminds you of your weekly tasks so you can stay on target.

Spotify Music Playlist

To keep you motivated, play the included Spotify playist. It’s full of inspiring tunes to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Ok, friend!

It's time to love your home!

I Believe You
Can Love Your Home Today.

Regardless of what size of home you live in or how much money you have you can apply solid principles to help you love your home (yes, your home!). After all, everyone should live in a place they love, right?

I Know You
Can Do it With a Little Help!

It’s your home, so you call the shots! With a little bit of guidance, you can make changes that will make your home a pleasant place for you and your family to spend time together.

I Want to Help You Better
Your Home.

I am excited to help you know where to start in improving your home. I have broken everything down just for you so you can start making real progress on all of the home things once and for all. 

This isn't just "One More Thing" to do

It's a Method for Simplifying Home Maintenance!

This Isn't:

But, This IS:

Is the Home Project Planner right for me?



Frequently Asked Questions

The Home Project Planner is currently accessible as a digital product that you can print and access upon purchase.

This product can benefit anyone who is serious about improving their home. 

The method, worksheets, and philosophies can be used for any size or type of home, whether you rent or own. If renting, you may make improvement requests to the landlord, where appropriate. 

The Home Project Planner is especially helpful for those with small homes because it helps you to make the most of the space that you have.

Since this is a digital product, you may only use it for personal use. Printing for others or selling or sharing in any other way is strictly prohibited. In this case, sharing is not caring. It is stealing. See here for more information. 

No. The Home Project Planner was designed to be used however is best for you. 

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The Home Project Planner has had two previous names, including the "Hum Making System," and the "Hum Making Planner." The product itself is the same.

The Home Project Planner

Printable Planner Files, Digital Calendar, & Motivating Playlist
$ 29
  • Includes both a full AND abridged printable Home Project Planner
  • Worksheets to help you plan & improve each space in your home
  • Ideas to help you repair, clean, declutter, organize, and beautify your home
  • Customizable digital calendar to help you follow the home rotation
  • Access to the Happy Home Hum family friendly music playlist to keep you motivated

Get a clean,
fresh home.

The FREE Hum Making Cleaning Checklist breaks down regular cleaning tasks for your whole home. 

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