How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

Have you ever been to a nice hotel and thought, “I wish I had a bedroom like this“? I know I have. Assuming you get the recommended amount of sleep each night, you spend a whopping 1/3 of your life in bed. Think about it. It needs to be awesome. But, regardless of what your home looks like or how much money you have, it is possible to create a bedroom that makes you want to stay home.

So, what do the luxury hotels have that you don’t have? Besides the all-white bedding (which is definitely way overrated and totally impractical – yes, I know I have a photo of all-white bedding – it’s just so dreamy!), and the lovely pillow mints, what they don’t have may teach us more about what we can do to make our bedrooms shine.

Clutter Free

I bet you can’t think of a time when you’ve landed at a hotel that’s been overtaken by piles of dirty linens, old receipts, crumpled chip bags, mail, dust bunnies, and miscellaneous (or unidentifiable) objects. The first place to start in making yourself a restful space is eliminating clutter. Deal with your mail and receipts and don’t let them land on your dresser. Put your clothes in the hamper right after you’ve worn them. Put away books and remove electronics. Simply put, take everything out of your room that does not help you sleep or relax better.

If you find that you have a piece of furniture in your room whose express purpose seems to be holding miscellaneous clutter, get rid of that puppy and surprise yourself with how much easier it is to keep clutter at bay with fewer drawers and surfaces! Ahhhh, now, that’s a good feeling!


White noise machines aren’t just for babies! I have slept better with fans and white noise machines for years. Now, I hear my babies’ white noise on our baby monitors, but when I’m trying to get some sleep in while my hubby’s got the kids, I ask Google to play some white noise for me. It’s the best!

As you probably know, white noise can block out extra sounds from the street, your neighbor’s dog (rrrg), kids, and even fireworks (AH!)! I literally own a white noise machine for every. single. bedroom. (Heck, I even travel with white noise!) While Google and Alexa can play white noise, the sound will periodically loop (fade out and then gradually come back). Still, I sure do love our Google home.

Dark (When it’s Sleeping Time)

One of the best parts about hotels is their magical window coverings that block out most light. It makes it really handy for those people dealing with jet-lag or travel fatigue in general. Invest in some room-darkening curtains or roller shades if you find it difficult to sleep in your room when the sun is too bright (I’m lookin’ at you, summertime!).

We love our blackout roller shades. We purchased them here and got them in white for each bedroom. They do a good job on their own, but if you want it seriously dark mid-day, you may want to pair them with some room darkening curtains as well. For a classy look, hang some pretty and airy light-filtering curtains for daytime light and privacy.

Just Enough Furniture

When you go to a nice hotel, you’ll notice that they have just enough furniture to be functional for travelers. Of course, traveling is different than living, but consider what you can eliminate so that you can have a little more breathing space in your bedroom. Moreover, consider how much easier your room would be to organize and clean without that extra furniture.

You may want to purge some of your items and sell your extra dresser. Or, maybe you can find a creative place for your desk (we have a closet office aka “cloffice”). I’ve heard it said that it’s not good to work in the bedroom in because it makes it harder for you to relax (true for me, anyway!). Or, maybe need to move your exercise equipment elsewhere (or sell it and focus on bodyweight exercises!). The great thing is that you can decide what is just enough for you, then you can ruthlessly purge everything else. To be able to delight in your bedroom space every. single. day. is definitely worth it!

The great news is that if you do sell some of your stuff, you can easily turn around and buy some of the things you want to make your bedroom fabulous! That old bookshelf just might be your ticket to some gorgeous side lamps. Or, maybe your unused treadmill will buy you a new bedframe. Imagine the possibilities!

Clean & Useful Nightstands

While it’s not necessary to obsess over perfectly empty nightstands, think about what’s in your nightstand. (If you’re wanting nightstands, see if you can find a used pair for cheap on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist!) A proper nightstand can be a real friend by holding water, an alarm clock, books, and other things that help you on your voyage to dreamtime. They should always be focused on supporting your needs in your bedroom.

So, then, what should you keep in your nightstands? Well, it’s definitely up to you depending on your needs. But, you might decide to keep your journal, scriptures, devotional books, a heating pad, a tissue box, or extra sheets for your bed in your nightstand. And, some of the drawers may even be empty! Can you imagine that? Wonderful!

Of course the tops of your nightstands will be best suited for a small lamp that can easily be turned on while laying in bed. (I once had a pair of lamps that I couldn’t reach in bed. Talk about useless!) Also, pay attention to the size of your lamp in relation to your nightstand (scale). They probably need to be smaller than you think! (No monster lamps, please!)

The other nightstand friend is the alarm clock, of course. I am a big fan of my Google home for because it has a handy alarm, as well as a dim clock setting that doesn’t bug me when I’m sleeping. So nice.

Coordinated Design

The beauty of those luxury hotels that makes us swoon likely also has something to do with the fact that they had the help of a designer. Designer or not, you can make your bedroom look cohesive with a little research and selective shopping. Do your best to get some quality coordinating bedroom furniture (mattress, bed frame, nightstands, and maybe a dresser if you need one). Try to find some that will work well with the colors in your home so you don’t have to do a complete overhaul.

Once you have gotten the big stuff in place, invest in some quality bedding for yourself. Have just enough bedding to make your room look put together without taking 5 hours to make the bed (haha!). Get some sheets and bedding that you love (and that coordinates well with your furniture) and you are set! I personally love Costco sheets with a simple polyester quilt set. (I love polyester because it washes well and is super durable, but you may want cotton if you tend to sleep hot.)

Make it Your Own

Of course, it’s fun to travel once in a while, but imagine how great it would be to find just as much thrill in your own space! Wouldn’t it be lovely? So, with a renewed vision in mind for your bedroom, give yourself some time (and maybe some money) to make your room a more restful and beautiful retreat. The peace and delight you crave in your bedroom are waiting for you. You can do it!

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