Hum Making: Create a Beautiful & Inviting Home

Imagine you just moved into a new home. You look around and are overcome with excitement, followed by overwhelm at the many things you want to do. You soon realize that each of the things you want to do will take time or money (or both!) to complete. You wonder where to start or how you’ll ever create the home you envision – especially if you have a life besides taking care of your home. You have relationships that need to be fostered, interests to be developed, and peace to be felt. 

That’s where the “Hum Making Method” comes in. This method carries you through the essential parts of creating a beautiful and inviting space. The method goes as follows: 

  • Repair
  • Clean & Declutter
  • Organize
  • Beautify

Since the method is contained in The Hum Making Planner, it is broken up into these four steps, one for each week of the month. Each step builds upon the one before. For example, what kind of impact does a vase of flowers have on a cluttered kitchen? Definitely not as much impact as it would have if the kitchen were clean, or at least relatively tidy. Or, how well would it work to organize a room that needs a lot of repairs? You may be putting in baskets or bins that would just have to be removed later to fix what was broken. 

I’m telling you. Follow the method. It will save you so much headache and will really help you get the results that you want!

So, what exactly does each step entail? 


Repair may include repairing anything from structural stuff in your home, to doing any sort of upgrade, down to fixing appliances or furniture. By repairing the things that you have or plan to keep, you are giving yourself a solid foundation for building the rest of your space. This step comes before cleaning simply because most repairs kick up a lot of mess, so, spare yourself some headache by doing your repairs before deep cleaning!

Clean & Declutter

Deep cleaning is free and can take your home from feeling ho-hum to home hum! (ha!) But, seriously. Think of all of the luxe places you’ve ever been and how nice they’ve felt… Did you ever notice a hairball in the corner or an overflowing garbage bin? Those things can detract from the level of peace some of us feel in our home. By starting with a good deep clean, you create a blank canvas for the rest of your home. 

As you deep clean, you will be pulling things out of cupboards and bins to clean, and as you do so, you can declutter all of your unneeded items. Decluttering is essential in creating an inviting home. How many things are you carrying around for one reason or another that you will never use, never need, but just can’t seem to ever get rid of? Cut yourself loose from the clutter and delight yourself with how little you actually need to get by. 


Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clutter and grime, it’s time to organize what you do have. Never underestimate the power of a few carefully chosen containers and labels. Effective organization can take a space from constantly cluttered, with no clearly defined organization, to a space that can be easily cleaned in 10 minutes. Think I am kidding? Well… I’m not! 


It could be argued that beautify and organize go hand in hand, but beautifying your space is when you really put the icing on the cake. You’ve gotten function into your space with your organization, and now you’re ready to add the details to make it special. This is the time for personal touches, like photos, quotes, memorabilia, or other treasures. When beauty and function go hand-in-hand (like a clock, mirror, or coat hook), you know you’re doing something especially right!

The Hum Making Planner

So, my friend, now that you know the steps, it’s time to get serious about creating a beautiful and inviting home of your own! The Hum Making Planner was created for those who are feeling totally overwhelmed by their space and who want a little help carrying them through each of the steps above. Check it out and give me a shout out on Instagram or Facebook so I can cheer you on!

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