Intentional Christmas List (Free Printable!)

With Black Friday sales already in full swing, I wanted to share this awesome Christmas printable to help you focus on what matters most to each of your family members this Christmas. While the gifts can be fun, I find that some of the experiences have a much longer shelf life in my memories! Food, too, can be a great way of connecting with each other and passing on family culture. And, let’s not underplay how important it is to be intentional with buying gifts – no one wants to give gifts that add to clutter and don’t provide much value.

I had a lot of fun filling this out with my kiddos and hubby. For starters, it helped me narrow in on a few things that really mattered to me! Then, filling it out with my family showed me what was really important to THEM… For example, I had no idea that the Polar Express was a seasonal must-see, but apparently, for my six-year-old son, it is! It also got my wheels turning about what things I want to make sure we put on our Christmas bucket list this year. I’m so excited!

The point of this is to do your holidays with intention, instead of getting swept away in marketing and overindulgence. If you’d like a little more help with gift picking, check out this post all about how to give gifts that won’t just turn into clutter, or go here to get some ideas for gifts that will actually keep your kiddos busy for more than 5 minutes. (You’re welcome!)

As for getting your home ready for all of the merry-making this year, be sure to snag your free cleaning checklist and checkout the Hum Making Planner for making your home an extra special place to be!

And, last, but not least, special thanks to Jennica Woodbury for sharing this printable with us! You can follow her on instagram @JennicaWoodbury. You can grab your free printable by clicking HERE.

Merry Christmas-ing, everyone!

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