10 Laundry Products to Get Out Your Worst Stains!

This, my friends, is my laundry arsenal, AKA my favorite laundry products because laundry is a WAR not for the faint at heart (or stomach!). Save money on clothes by taking good care of the ones that you have with the following laundry helpers:

  • Rubber Gloves – I opt to rub in many of these stain removers for the maximum effect, but no need to get the chemicals all over your hands. Suit up, my friend! (I buy my off-brand gloves at Walmart!)
  • Grandma’s Secret Laundry Spot Remover – THIS IS MY FAVORITE for general stains! I have gotten ridiculous things out with this!!! Tomatoes, baby food, BLOOD, and even mascara (that my child smeared on my white bedsheets).  This is the all-purpose one I love (though, the others have their place).
  • Kids and Pets Spray – use on messes from kids and pets… Namely, poop, pee, grass, and DIRT stains.  I just like to think of this as the “nasty bodily fluids” spray. If it was once in a body, this should help get rid of nasty odors and stains.  Bonus tip – it can be used to remove urine smells from the carpet. Trust me. I’ve used it for this purpose more times than I care to admit!.
  • Oxiclean – I usually add good ol’ Oxiclean to loads with extra messes that I need a little magical help with. My favorite use for Oxiclean, however, is for soaking items that have been yellowed with baby spit up (even that have been washed/dried or in storage) to remove yellow stains. If I’m feeling lazy (which is most of the time), I just add it to all of my loads with spit up or yucky stuff.
  • Shout – Apply this bad boy (aerosol can only, please) to grease stains (butter, peanut butter, oil, etc.) and rub fabric together to saturate stain. I’ve been able to even get dried-in grease stains- just be sure to scrub it in, particularly for dried in grease. This also works well for cleaning the carpet. (I usually get mine from Walmart.)
  • Arm and Hammer with Oxiclean laundry detergent – use just enough, but not too much to prevent too much residue on clothes. This detergent isn’t overly perfumed and does just what it’s supposed to. (I buy mine from Costco.)
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol – This can get sharpie or pen out of clothes (so you don’t need to rue the day you got pen on that blouse, or the day that Grandpa let your daughter use his pen at church).  But, I have to say that Grandma’s secret spray seemed to do the trick for these as well! (When it’s in stock, you can find this pretty much anywhere for cheap!)
  • White Vinegar – Bye, bye crunchy rags and stinky towels – include about ¼ cup in loads with towels or rags (or extra stinky things). It acts as a natural fabric softener and works magic on the crunchy stuff. Buy this at the grocery store for super cheap!
  • Iodized Salt – Use about a teaspoon in colored and dark loads to prevent color fading! I’m not kidding – it works so well!
  • White Bright – I have not gotten the hang of this one, since I usually have a few patterns on some of my white clothes, but I have heard great things about it. If you have a washing machine that locks, you can presoak your soiled items in a sink before putting them in your wash. Add to all white loads to keep them bright…. white!

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