How to Never Lose Your Shoes Again!

Once upon a time there was a family with a mom and a bunch. of. shoes.

Shoes on the stairs.

Shoes on the floor.

Shoes left and right under the couch.

Shoes IN the couch!

You get the idea.

Then, the mom and all of the people (to whom the shoes belonged) needed to actually go somewhere (oh, heaven forbid!). But, alas, there were no shoes in sight. ‘Twas not a happy morning for anyone.

If this story sounds familiar to you – you, my friend are in luck. Have you ever wondered how on earth to keep your family’s shoes from getting lost? Or getting eaten by those pesky shoe monsters? Have you ever thought about how shoes at fast food play places and fun centers are seldom lost? That’s because the owners of such fun, magical places were onto something. Wait for it…


(Drop. mic.)

(Click on the images to go right to it on Amazon – that’s where I got mine a few years ago! Commissions may be earned, though, not sponsored and all opinions are completely my own!)

Ok. I’ll actually keep going to tell you why I love shoe cubbies sooo much. We get home and I say, “Shoes in the cubbies, coats on the hooks!” And, for 80% of the time (and sometimes 95% of the time, depending on how well people are listening), those shoes go right in the cubby, left and right together. What’s more? Even the tiniest child can follow this system. It’s obvious and intuitive, so they do it.

When we go somewhere, most of the time (I’m not going to pretend that with 4 kids it’s all of the time!), those shoes are right where they need to be. And, guess what, my shoes are ALWAYS where they need to be because I always put them right. back. there. It’s a beautiful thing.

We have both a Prepac shoe cubby bench and a shoe cubby tower in our garage leading up to our interior door and it has totally been worth the investment. I hung some coat racks above the bench, but if I were to do it again, I might go for a couple of the towers since it would minimize the junk that inevitably gathers on that bench. But, still, when the bench is clear, it makes a great place to sit and put on your shoes! You could even put one of these suckers inside your closet, especially if you’re a shoe lover!

Now, go buy (or make!) yourself some fab shoe cubbies! Post a photo of your cubbies on social media and tag @HappyHomeHum so we can do a happy jig for you. With both of our shoes!

Happy organizing!

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