Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops!

The amazing Melanie from is here again with her life-changing kitchen hack. I have a feeling my sink will never be the same again (in the best way!).

OK… Who has a kitchen sink in their island, where the countertop just goes directly from the sink to the other side in all directions?  In other words, there is no wall or barrier behind your sink faucet.

We have lived in this house for 21 months and I JUST FOUND A SOLUTION to my hand soap dilemma and I am SO ECSTATIC ABOUT IT that I HAD TO SHARE IT!!!!!!

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The dilemma:

There is no good place to put your hand soap.  If you simply set the hand soap bottle on the counter next to the sink faucet, every time somebody reaches their wet hand up to push on the soap pump to get some soap out, a puddle of water is left on the counter. Multiply this by four kids and a mom who is a bit OCD about germs and handwashing, and you literally have a river of water going from the edge of the sink to the other edge of the bar, and dripping onto the barstools.

Even if you drill a hole into your countertop, and install an under-the-sink soap dispenser, you still have to reach your wet hand up on top of the counter in order to push on the top of the soap dispenser. So while it looks a little nicer, it still doesn’t fix the problem of having a wet countertop.

For almost a year, I had this set up going. Talk about ghetto!

ghetto solution

I bought a suction cup caddy from Target, thinking I was so smart. I stuck it up on the side of our sink and put the hand soap in it.  The first time I went to get hand soap, it came crashing down. No suction cup is going to withstand the pressure of multiple hands pushing down on it with that much force.

So the only thing I could come up with was to put something underneath the caddy to keep it from crashing down.  I used random plastic containers to stick underneath the wire caddy to offer support from the underside.  So with the suction cups and an empty cottage cheese container underneath it, it held the caddy in place. Aside from looking totally ghetto and lame, the container would get all slimy and nasty after a few days, and get rust spots from the wire caddy and it was just stupid.

I finally ditched that set-up and went back to just putting a hand soap dispenser on the countertop. I almost always had a few paper towels folded up and sitting behind the soap to catch the water.

I have been thinking for the past 21 months, “Surely, someone else has had the same issue as me.”

But I searched and searched, and to no avail.

Until last week…

When I discovered…

The genius invention that has transformed my kitchen handwashing experience!

Meet the wire-hanging, four-suction-cupped, amazing, stay-put sturdy, solid, sleek, sexy, and genius sink caddy (I named it myself).

Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops! The BEST Kitchen Sink Wet Countertop Solution on the Planet - PlanForAwesome

With double the amount of suction cups, and a sturdy wire lip to catch the edge of the countertop, this puppy stays put every single time!

Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops! The BEST Kitchen Sink Wet Countertop Solution on the Planet - PlanForAwesome

At first glance when you open it, it doesn’t look like it will accommodate hand soap at all. But if you take out the removable dividers on the right-hand side, that are meant to hold sponges, it holds a thing of hand soap with space to spare!  *Which…if you are using sponges in your kitchen, we need to talk.  I’m sure I will get around to a post about how germy a sponge is, but for now, ditch the sponges, ditch the divider, and replace it with handsoap!  And start using washcloths that you change out at LEAST once a day!*

They even thought of making the bottom of one side of it expandable downward, so you could put your kitchen brush in it if you would like.

Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops! The BEST Kitchen Sink Wet Countertop Solution on the Planet - PlanForAwesome
Problem Solved! No More Wet Kitchen Countertops! The BEST Kitchen Sink Wet Countertop Solution on the Planet - PlanForAwesome

But you don’t have to do that – it shrinks up to the regular bottom edge if you want.

I have absolutely no complaints about this little contraption.

It has solved one of the most irritating problems I have had for the past 21 months. And for under $20, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

And the icing on the cake is…this product won’t rust or discolor, and is guaranteed for 5 years.

The icing on the icing on the cake is…it’s available on Amazon prime!  You don’t even have to leave your house to get yourself one of these!  This is the link.

♥ Here’s to dry countertops across all the land ♥

For another life-changing sink purchase, click here!

Golly-gee-whilackers, Melanie. I NEED ONE OF THESE PUPPIES! What random house hacks do YOU have that make your life sweeter? Comment below!

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