Hum Making Planner


The Hum Making Planner carries you through repairing, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and beautifying your home so you can find greater joy and delight in your home.

In 2017, my husband and I bought our first home. Oh, how exciting that was! It was all fun and games until we realized just how expensive and time consuming maintaining, organizing, and beautifying our home could be. Throw getting unexpectedly pregnant and trying to take care of our three older children, and it was a lot! I would go from project to project, feeling like I would never get my home where I wanted it to be. I felt discouraged and overwhelmed, to say the least.


You may be in your first home and feel this same way. Or, you may have been in your home for 25 years and are ready to freshen up your space. You may even be a renter, just trying to make due with what you have while you save money for your own home. Whatever the case may be, the Hum Making Planner can help!


It takes your entire home and breaks it down into monthly focuses and weekly tasks.  It includes a system and tips for helping you repair, clean, declutter, organize, and beautify every space in your home. The Planner comes with both a full version, which includes specific tips for each space, as well as an abridged version if you’re trying to save on printing.


That’s all fine and dandy, but… What is “Hum Making”? Many people have an aversion to the idea of Pinterest perfect “homemaking,” which is why I’m turning homemaking on its head and instead calling it “Hum Making.” Hum Making is focused not on perfection, but effective systems and organization that help your home be just a little bit better than it was before. Hum Making celebrates that special home that we experience once in awhile when we’ve improved even just one little space in our home, giving us more time and energy for those we love.


But, what if I don’t have money to spend on stuff for my home or I don’t even own a home? No problem! The Hum Making Planner is customizable to whatever size of budget or home you live in currently. By breaking the tasks up through the year, you can spread expenses (and work!) out throughout the year.


But, what if I forget to use it? Have no fear because in addition to the printable Hum Making Planner, you will also receive a digital calendar that you can import into your own calendar to help you stay on task throughout the year. This calendar is customizable so you can choose which days, times, or durations you want your “Hum Making” to happen.


And, because I know that it’s much easier to work with a little music, I am also throwing in my Happy Home Hum music playlist. I combed through the lyrics and message of every song to create a truly uplifting and fun playlist that your whole family can enjoy as you work on giving your home its own happy hum. (See what I did there?)


As you focus on following the planner, you will find that doing all of the things for your home will become much easier to manage! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! It will feel so good.


Get a clean,
fresh home.

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